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the re-enactors ministry and

educational outreach

Our Mission

Carrying the Word of God to those who are re-enacting and teaching about our historic past to future generations.

Remembering our past. Honoring the men and women who made it happen.  Sharing the faith and belief that brought this all to be.


our veterans and their sacrifices.

Honoring our veterans and the sacrifices they made, regardless of Branch or where they served. We remember our past because if we forget we will have no future.

Immersive Events

Day-in, day-out. Live the past.

Join Time Line for our series of 24-hour immersive events. Take a weekend and transport yourself back in time to relive some of the better moments form soldier's pasts.

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helping regardless of the cost.

Time-Line Enterprises is a 501(c)3 corporation and we only do our programs as we can raise funds.  We greatly appreciate all contributions, and accept donations through paypal.

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